Myford Super 7 Spares

This section contains a variety of both new and used spare parts for the Myford Super 7 lathe, it is also worth noting that in later years Myford also produced a lathe called the ML7-R (not to be confused with the original ML7) which was basically an economy version of the Super 7 which lacked features such as the clutch and zero able dials on the top and cross slide, but apart from this the two lathes were very similar, so most parts found in this section will also fit the ML7-R.
In 1974 from serial number SK115830 Myford slightly changed the design of the Super 7, the new features were that the lathe would work on the wide guide principle and also have a powered crossfeed.
To implement these changes a new lathe featured a redesigned lathe bed, carriage, cross slide and lead screw, but other than this most of the other parts from older lathes will fit.

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