Covid-19 & Delivery Times

All orders will be dispatched on time, which is usually between 1 - 2 working days.

Once posted we then rely on the Royal Mail to deliver your order.

The Royal Mail are working very hard during these difficult times and risking their own safety to keep our mail moving, they are however short staffed in some areas due to sickness etc, this plus the fact that they are having to deal with employee safety measures, is inevitably leading to delivery delays.

It is impossible for us to estimate if your order will be delayed and if so, how long the delay will be, as this matter is out of our control.

Please also consider, delays are not just due to the delivery destination area being affected, but also the services on route being affected.

If you are not prepared to wait for any possible delays, please do not place an order with us.

Thank you for your patience and keep safe.