ML7 Saddle (Narrow Guide) - fully reconditioned


Completely reconditioned ML7 Saddle

Narrow guide ML7 saddle - Fitted as standard to all ML7 lathes built before May 1972 up to serial No K107657.

Re-machined and re-aligned cross slide dovetail – A common problem is wear in the saddle cross slide dovetail, most of the wear usually takes place near the front of the dovetail which means that one side of the dovetail runs out of parallel to the other, this makes it impossible to set up the cross slide because no matter how it is adjusted you will be left with either tight or loose spots along its travel.
To ensure parallelism across the dovetail, flatness on the base of the dovetail and the correct alignment of the cross slide with the saddle the dovetail has been re-machined parallel and in alignment with the saddle guide

Regrind saddle base - the saddle base has been reground on a special fixture to ensure that the base is flat and parallel to the cross slide dovetail.
One of the most common problems with the Myford ML7 saddle, is wear that can take place on the flat base of the saddle where it comes in contact with the lathe bed - this can cause the surface to become scored and out of flat, dirt and grit can then get trapped between the saddle and lathe bed which acts as grinding paste causing premature wear of the bed which can lead to vibration and inaccuracy.

Regrind step – The distance between the base of the saddle and the step where the saddle strip screws down, has been machined back to its original specification to enable the saddle strips to be correctly shimmed to obtain the correct saddle to bed clearance.

Re-machined saddle guide – Another common problem is wear to the saddle guide which runs along the centre guide shear of the bed, the guide can become worn towards the ends which can cause the carriage to rock causing inaccuracy and vibration when turning, also as the guide becomes worn the correct alignment between the lathe bed and cross slide is lost so it becomes impossible to turn a face which runs square to the workpiece, the saddle guide has been re-machined in a special fixture to ensure correct alignment.

New Oil Nipples - The saddle has been fitted with new hardened steel oil nipples.

Re Painted - The saddle has been completely stripped and painted with Myford grey enamel.

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